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What could be more curious and inquisitive being than a human? People are constantly trying to satisfy their curiosity by thinking, developing and implementing new ideas. Mountaineering is one of those adventurous and exciting one among sports. Nature has given Nepal the gift of mountaineering. From Kanchenjunga in the east to Api-Saipal in the west, there are many towering peaks. There are 1310 peaks identified in Nepal above 6,000 meters and 414 are officially opened for climbing. These mountains of Nepal are very attractive for the brave climbers of the world.

According to Nepal’s mountaineering standards, the climbing of the peaks ranging from 5587 to 6500 meters is called Peak Climbing. These peaks are known as “Trekking Peaks” though they are snow caped mountains.

These trekking peaks are some more technical and some less technical. Any physically fit man or woman can climb these snow peaks with little climbing training which can do during the Trek. It’s way low cost than in expedition. For those who want to summit high mountains in future, it helps to acquire climbing experiences in advance or even for your own pride. Climbing these peaks in Nepal is another adventurous step behind trekking.

However, it is important to have basic mountaineering knowledge and skill above the snow-line. Using different gears like warm clothes, climbing shoes, Ice-axe, Crampons, Jumars, you have to climb with the help of ropes. This is what our professional climbing guides will teach you well and properly before climbing peaks. They will give you proper instructions  and supervise while guiding you during the ascent. Yes, No Compromise for your Safety, they will take care of you. All of our climbing guides have ample mountaineering expertise and experiences, including climbing Mount Everest.

Are you Ready for Peak Climbing?


Peak Climbing

20 Days

Lobuche Peak Climbing

6119m, Summit | Technical/Challenging
22 Days

Island Peak Climbing

6165m, Summit | Technical/Challenging
19 Days

Mera Peak Climbing

6470m, Mera Summit | Moderate