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All of us at Bodhi Adventures are extremely proud of our heartwarming itineraries, customized private treks, tours, and trip-of-a-lifetime experiences in the best destinations of the Himalayas, Valleys and Terai. We guarantee an honest and skilled team of guides who offer exceptional customer service. But how did our family-owned-and-operated business get its start in the adventure travel trade?


From the very beginning, we created the guiding principles behind Bodhi Adventures based on the adventures we found in the Himalayas, our interactions and cultural exchanges with the local people, and the peace of mind we found there—not simply on being spectators. Our vision for the company resulted from owner Man Raj Gurung’s experience trekking, as a porter, through Annapurna, Nepal, in 2007. He witnessed fellow guides’ poor interaction with the travellers and observed that the local porters were often treated inhumanly, rather than important components of the industry. “This left a bad taste in my mouth as I tried to interact with some Nepalese guides as much as possible,” said Man Raj.


That pivotal moment, trekking in Annapurna, Nepal and encounter with porters, encouraged Man Raj to commit to adventure travel that goes beyond the basics of simple observation and provides real, meaningful experiences, not only to travelers but also to local people they meet along the way. Ultimately, this path led Man Raj to start Bodhi Adventures. In the more than ten years since the unpleasant encounter of porters Man Raj and the staff of Bodhi Adventures have been exploring the Himalayas—from the mountains of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and Sikkim to Ladakh Buddhist destinations in India.

And on every adventurous journey, we believe what matters most—and what will create memories that will stay with you long after you return—is taking time along the way to meet local people with an open mind and heart and letting serendipity play a hand in your experience. It’s this philosophy that drives everything we do at Bodhi Adventures: “The Holy Mountains have opened its doors.”

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