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A safari is an expedition or adventure trip that involves observing or photographing wild animals in their natural habitat. The natural habitat of these animals can vary depending on the geography of the country, ranging from dense forests to alpine meadows, mountain cliffs, and caves. Regardless of the location, the habitat is typically located outside human settlements. In Nepal, for instance, the natural habitat of wild animals ranges from the dense forests of the Terai to the alpine Himalayan region. While Africa is a popular destination for safaris, Chitwan National Park is the most famous destination for safaris in Nepal. Additionally, Bardiya National Park and Koshi Tapu wildlife reserve are also popular destinations. For those interested in hunting, Dhorpatan hunting reserve is a well-known destination.

Safaris are typically enjoyed by adventure enthusiasts who wish to explore unspoiled natural environments through man-made or natural trails. One such type of safari is a jungle safari. This entails exploring the jungle either by foot or by using other modes of transportation, such as jeeps, elephants, or boats on the rivers of national parks. Unlike hiking or trekking, jungle safaris offer unique opportunities to observe wildlife up close in their natural habitats.

Jungle Safari

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