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16 Jul 2019 Bodhi Adventures


Adventure generally refers to some extra activities rather than the usual people do, in case of tourism and hospitality sector adventure tourism means those kinds of activities where people have more risk and adventure. Trekking, Rafting, Mountaineering, Bungee jump, kayaking, cannoning and paragliding are the major adventure tourism activities in the world. In the case of Nepal we have lots of rivers, gorges, mountains, forest and other natural gifts where adventure tourism activities are possible, some of the adventure activities in Nepal are:-
Trekking: – A long walk in the hills or in a mountain side for several days is known as trekking. In the context of Nepal most of the trekking route start from hilly region and ends at the lap of mountain or nearby them. During trekking the tourist can stay in tea house or in a camp. The famous trekking routes of Nepal are Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base camp, Langtang Valley, upper and lower Mustang, upper and lower Dolpo and many more around the country mountain side.
Rafting and kayaking: – The adventure form of boating are rafting and kayaking which is usually done on the fast flowing river with some rapids. In the case of Nepal we have lots of fast flowing river from the melting of mountain snow where rafting, kayaking and other water adventure are possible. The white water rafting in trishuli and Bhotekoshi are the famous rafting spot in Nepal. Kaligandaki, Marshyangdi and Bheri River are also other famous spot for the adventure seeker.
Mountaineering and Peak Climbing: – Nepal has 8 of the world highest mountains among 10 and Eight Thousanders among fourteen including Mount Everest of the world along with other 1000 of supporting peaks, so mountaineering is the famous and normal adventure tourism activities in Nepal. Every year thousand of climbers from world visit Nepal for the summit of mountain and peaks in different part of Nepal. The major peaks and mountains climb in Nepal are Mount Everest, Manaslu, Makalu, Island peak, Mera peak and many more.
Bungee and cannoning: – Bungee and cannoning both are the adventure activities