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Birds are a beautiful creation of Nature. It looks good. The voice is pretty sweet. The chirping of birds is heard more in a quiet environment. A variety of birds are roaming in the Kathmandu Valley. Birds including spiny babbler, vultures, crows, pigeons, robins, mynas, sparrows, egrets, doves, cuckoos, parrots and owls. Spiny Babblers are found only in Nepal.

Seeing a bird relieves stress. Birds are colorful and playful. The bird is like a flower of nature. Its observation brings peace to the mind. It is even more enjoyable to watch its activities. Their love for the baby is exemplary. Another thing is that birds do not live in the garbage. They always sing songs of peace. They are peace loving.

Bird tourism is gaining momentum in the world. Nepal is also a country rich in natural diversity. The highest peak in the world is Mount Everest at 8848 meters and the height Mukhiyapatti Musharniya of Dhanusha is 59 meters. Foreigners also come to Nepal to watch birds. Especially elderly, retired, environment friendly, rich people come. The state can take huge revenue from them because they are not in a hurry. They spend weeks watching the birds.
In Nepal, birds are observed in Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara Valley, Chitwan, Bardiya, Shuklaphanta, Koshitappu and other places. If there is a hotel facility for tourists, birds can be seen in other places as well. Birds can be found in all parts of the hills, from the highland mountains to the lowland Terais.
From March to June is the season for hatchings. Birds that come from far away to escape the heat return after hatching. The barbets seen at this time are from Asia and the cuckoos are from Africa and Europe. Sparrows, crows, pigeons and mynas are considered native birds. According to the Bird Conservation Association (BCN), 500 species of birds are found in the Kathmandu Valley. Similarly, 886 species of birds are found in Nepal.

Birds are being greatly affected by increasing industrialization, urban development and increasing use of chemicals. Even from Kathmandu, many species of birds became extinct and their numbers decreased. Traditional mud and brick houses had small niches. Birds used to build nests there. There are no small niches in the current houses. Now it is very good to build the houses bird friendly and also to plant trees in the vacant land in the garden and around the house.

During the summer, put water to birds in the yard and on the veranda. Let’s feed them food. We should not disturb the birds.

We can sit quietly in our own backyard and watch the birds. We can rejoice in their behavior. Friends of Birds and BCN take occasional bird watching tours in the Kathmandu Valley.
Environment and Buddhist Tourism Entrepreneur Man Raj Gurung 

Tip: It is easier to get information about birds by contacting the Nepal Bird Conservation Association.

Man Raj Gurung of Pyarajung, Lamjung, who started his trekking guide career a decade ago, has been taking bird watching tour to his tourists through Bodhi Adventures. He is an echo friendly and committed tourism entrepreneur.